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Волонтерский штаб

Дорогая редакция


Crimea - Donbas - Ukraine


Telephonic Press Briefing with Kurt Volker, the U.A. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations.

Modern politics in Hungary can often seem pro-Russian. But is it really so?

#Ronin about PMCs in the service of the Kremlin. What it is and how Russia uses them in hybrid aggression.

Perhaps this force is more dangerous than any troops. Russian information operations: technical and tactical means

About russian attempts “to isolate Macedonia c from the Western influence.”

This is an unscheduled article, and as you can guess from the title, it’s pretty important. So let’s start from the start. What happened in Kerch Strait, and what’s most important, what have led to this?

How are European companies doing business with the Russian partners: do they skirting sanctions or violate them?

"PMC Wagner" in Africa. Why Russia is increasing its presence in the region.