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Terrorist threat in the steppes of Ukraine. Part III

SSU, ISIS, elimination of the leaders of "proud and independent" self-proclaimed republics, the business card of Yarosh - it’s all that stuff

Any type of information inevitably ceases to be an irritant factor, if repeated many times. This pattern is very clearly understood by journalists. But there are no more journalists in Russia; only people who carry out the Kremlin and Lubianka orders, and they always have a “temnyk” (a secret directive from the government to the media management with detailed compulsory instructions on how to highlight political events in the news) and an assignment. That is precisely why a thrilling detective story went unnoticed by the wider public. What a pity… For in fact it turned out to be a very good comedy, inspired by the famous blockbuster called "Yarosh’s Business Cards" (one of those is known to have been found even at the international space station in an absolute vacuum).

On September 10 2018, the FSS Center of Public Relations declared they have detained a citizen of the Russian Federation, Medzhid Gabibulayevich Magomedov, born in 1988 in the Republic of Dagestan, a member of the international terrorist organization ISIS, in Smolensk region.

In the official release, the Lubianka drama writers reported that Mezhid Gabibulayevich arrived in Smolensk region on the instructions of the Security Service of Ukraine and (at the same time) of the heads of the Right Sector. Perhaps, Hrytsak and Yarosh have been instructing Gabibulayevich simultaneously, interrupting each other. And the Bloody Pastor himself was sitting there and nodding, with a devilish smile on his face.

In the opinion of the valiant counter-intelligence officers specially trained to fight similar Gabibulayevichs from Dagestan, Majid Magomedov the radically-minded Ukrainian nationalist was planning to commit the assassination of one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic. They do not report who exactly, in order to prevent other Ramzans and Revazes the Ukrainian nationalists from putting this information to good use.

The consumers of the Colombian coke, which had been delivered by means of diplomatic pouch directly to the Lubianka, explain that Magomedov was in charge of financial issues of ISIS Caucasian units, which, as is known, are also dressed and fed by Ukrainian volunteers.

His Ukrainian friends from ISIS, as the FSS tell further, have introduced him to representatives of the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) and the Right Sector . Probably it wasn't difficult, because FSS consider the office of Right Sector to be situated in the main SSU building, similar to the building on Lubyanka, where Hezbollah, Hamas and An-Nusra rent their Moscow offices.

As Gabibulayevich himself said, during a "friendly conversation" with FSS officers, " he was ordered by SSU to arrive in the Smolensk region with the task to uncover the “skhron” - a secret hiding place previously embedded in the territory of the Russian Federation.

This fact requires explanation. In a simple manner, we all learn from the FSS that throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, and first of all in the Smolensk region (which in their opinion will definitely will be the main direction of the NATO offensive against Moscow with a tank spearhead), there are laid-back "skhrons" with ammunition and papers to be used in the event that SSU and the Right Sector decide to kill someone ... Just in case you ever thought that the Ukrainian special service was working ineffectively. FSS kindly informs you that in any Russian city, wherean alleged Ukrainian agent can come, an apartment and the hiding place with the cache of lard and "Yarosh's business cards" awaits him.

Unfortunately, the content of the hiding place is only my guess, because FSS guys claim that Magomedov was detained while possessing a load of explosive (1.5 kg) and a gun with a silencer. The key message, as you already understood, was "SSU - Right Sector - ISIS" meaning "peace - friendship - gum - Russia’s extinction". Therefore, every Russian must remember that SSU, Right Sector and ISIS are in fact the same organization, created at the expense of the State Department and "Nuland’s cookies", on the basis of Ukrainian language invented at the Austro-Hungarian headquarters.

The operative video of the detention was the masterpiece of this discovery festival. On the film, the defeated saboteur and SSU spy Gabibulayevich was telling how he was trained by SSU at the camp for flying drones - all of it while constantly peering in a piece of paper lying on the table.

Rest assured that many Ukrainian media services have reposted the news regarding detention of Magomedov from the Russian media resources, specially emphasizing the fact that he was offered 10 thousand dollars for the successful liquidation of the appointed victim. In his video interview, where he pegged into a piece of paper, he said that "we were promised 10 thousand dollars", hence there were others ... After all, in the opinion of the Russian mass media, which was thoughtlessly copypasted by the Ukrainian journalists, there were numerous training camps in Ukraine for Right Sector and SSU killers, such as Gabibulayevich.

The resourcefulness of the employees of the Federal Security Service is outstanding. It is obvious that for Russians the Caucasus, the Ukrainian secret services, the Right Sector and the ISIS terrorists the are the most hated things on Earth.They hate ISIS terrorists because it is a global trend to hate them; Right Sector - because Yarosh’s business cards are constantly being found in place of some natural disasters and various troubles; Ukrainian special services — because of... Well, why should they be loved if they are nothing but a combined lot of CIA and the State Department? And Caucasians - for the fact that the latter abuse Russians not only in the capital, where they have joyfully moved and made it their own city, but also throughout the country. And Chechnya is still receiving bulk payments as the subject of the federation who has won the war ...

In a miraculous way, the FSB employees managed to unite all the vices from which Russia-mother was suffering in one frail entity of Gabibulayevich, and to defeat them with one heavy swoop, just as the old Russian fairy tale hero who won over the powers of evil.

This FSS invention was widely spread to other special services, including those with shoulderboards serving in Russian media holdings and on TV channels. They could always find a reason to incite hatred. And the “temnyks” were coming in regularly.


The practice of forging various cases which should testify to the fact that evil Chechens crawl onto the shore, and Ukrainians organize terrorist attacks in Moscow, started already in 2014.

The first notice was a message circulated by all mainstream media in Russia on the evening of March 1, 2014. On that day, around 17:00 Moscow time, the Putin-controlled Council of the Federation issued a document that allowed the Russian president to attack the neighboring state of Ukraine in accordance with his own horror stories. But, apart from the document, which was lightheartedly signed by Valentina Matvienko (head of the Federation Council, born in Shepetovka, Ukraine), its content had to be explained somehow to millions of Russians who simply took in everything that was fed from the TV.

And the Russian television was already feeding them for three months with a “chewing gum” about the "fraternal people" and "stenchy Maidan", which interfered with the "brotherly people". So there actually was a contradiction. On the one side they "love the fraternal people", and on the other - "Vanya, take a gun, let’s go shoot Ukrops." Such an edit, as they said in Man from Boulevard des Capucines, even in 2014 was not possible.

In order to solve this problem, the Russian secret services used their agents to access the page of Right Sector in VKontakte (Russian social network) the day before. And having received this access, they posted a text which Yarosh would never have written. In the text, he allegedly appealed to Doku Umarov, a Chechen terrorist, calling on him to unite against Moscow. By March 1, 2014, Umarov was dead for six months, because, according to the same FSS, they eliminated him in September 2013.

But this did not prevent Russian media from spreading around the alleged Yarosh message in three hours’ time, so that every Russian citizen knew about it. Putin now possessed a well-substantiated reason for attacking Ukraine.

This story became known due to the "Shaltai-Boltai" team, (“Humpty-Dumpty”), who managed to hack the E-mail of Timur Prokopenko, who was the head of the Internal Affairs Department of the Russian Federation,. On March 1, 2014, Prokopenko received a letter from the first deputy head of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation, Mr Gromov, which contained this ill-fated post from the page of the Right Sector. Is it worth mentioning that Prokopenko, whose service duty was to control the bloggers and social networking, probably got a spoken order to disperse the fake.

Finally, in order to understand the Kremlin plot, we should bear in mind that "Shaltai-Boltai" actually was controlled by the FSS's Information Security Center. It still has to be explored, in whose interests has the team arranged this information leakage,

The recruitment of former ATO members was perhaps the most large-scale special operation against Ukraine, aimed at portraying it as a terrorist state. They were to be framed in Moscow, where they were employed to carry out repairs and construction works.


On August 17, 2017, Vasyl Hrytsak was obliged to attend an urgent press conference. It was planned on a later date, but on August 16, journalists from one of the popular Russian media addressed the SSU press service to confirm the detention of a Ukrainian citizen  Darya Mastikasheva in Dnipropetrovsk.

Mastikasheva's detention activities were conducted in secrecy. Of course, the leak of information could not be avoided, but the speed and authority of the publication, which has asked for SSU comment, were surprising. This meant that Moscow could fulfil its plan any time she wished . That is, to commit terrorist acts that then hang them on the Ukrainians.

In order to reveal the plans of "fighters against terrorism", Hrytsak provided the media with all the information. As it turned out, two Russians were involved in the case. They were working under the roof of Federal Information Center “Analytics and Security ". Their names were Ruslan Milchenko and Sergei Sokolov. The latter is famous as the head of one of the companies which provided various security services for Boris Berezovsky, including personal security. It is possible that at the end of the flaming 1990s this office was engaged in physical liquidations of competitors, which were popular among Russian military power of that time.

Contacts of Milchenko and Sokolov in Ukraine (including Daria Mastikasheva, who is considered Sokolov’s girlfriend) were looking for former ATO members to offer them a job in Moscow. They explained their personnel selection by the fact that a ”former military guy - means reliable and will not kick". They told this fairy tale to three residents of Dnipropetrovs'k region, who got caught on the promises of high wages for the construction work in Moscow and other cities.

These prospective workers were given luggage bags, in which, as the unlucky ones themselves found out later, there was a double bottom. They were sent on a minibus to the capital of Russia. When the three Ukrainian courageous guys arrived in Moscow, it turned out that the amounts of repair work to be done are very large. They were sent to the Domodedovo airport and afterwards  driven through key subway stations in Moscow, where there were most passengers. All their movements were videotaped. Plus, the organizers tried to make them seen by the outside observation cameras of the subway and other buildings. After each visit, one of the Ukrainians had to call and report to the organizer in a specific manner.

Imagine how it would look if explosions occurred in the places previously visited by the Ukrainians? Here they are on camera, exploring approaches and ways out of the future bombing site. They call and report to someone over the phone. Here are their double-bottomed bags. By the way, there is an apartment rented to the name of one of them. Pure terrorists. True, according to the scenario, nobody planned to interrogate them. One of the explosive devices could have been used in the rented apartment, then Ukrainians would have been to blame for incorrect handling of their own explosives. One of the organizers, Ruslan Milchenko, disclosed these scenarios in his earlier media interviews (yes, for some reason, Russians like to blab around before conducting special operations).

The Kremlin's policy of information warfare is based on attempts to fabricate evidence of Ukraine's involvement in any kind of terrorist activity. However, as we see, this policy appears to be not quite successful.

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