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Did you want to become elves for Georgia? We had to.

The protests in Georgia evoke many different emotions. Euromaidan, which is destined to turn into a real revolution. Hope that our friend will overcome the internal plague. Other people may gloat. I fully understand the representatives of all three categories.

But what is the main thing here? In my opinion, there is a simple thing that unites all these theses. The post-Soviet society holds protest not as a tool for destroying the government, but as the only means of purifying it.

It's like the US Declaration of Independence. You have the right to rebel. This is a special argument for us.
We are the heirs of the damned USSR. The Soviet Union burned the foundation of the republics so that they could never be republics in the true sense of the word.

The USSR left us with a legacy of economic ruin, disabled people from Afghanistan, a broken nuclear power plant, and a lot of dying factories. It destroyed society as a class. Moreover, he slandered as many territorial conflicts as possible. This was no accident. This is how Moscow hoped to survive the fall and reassemble the wreckage of the empire. Otherwise, the fragments would scatter too far and get bogged down in their contradictions.

Such conditions do not allow time for preparation. In the West, you can culturally wait three years before the election and elect someone else. There you can discuss the flaws of the parties. Sticking out your little finger and making arguments.

This is not the West, not yet. You can wait so long that you won't see any elections.



For the West, this sounds like a radical lack of patience. For us, it is salvation. The United States will never fall into the abyss. They have a strong state that, even in the face of an "Idiocracy," will take out citizens at least until the next election. It's not scary to sit there and wait.

What if you don't have a state with strong institutions? Then a radical reset is no longer a whim of young people. It is already a must-have.

Where life is good, there are no revolutions. This is important.

Think of Ukraine. 2004 prevented Ukraine from slipping into another Turkmenistan with Yanukovych-Bashi. In 2014, the protests helped to bring down Yanukovych-Bashi, who had played on the contradictions and got into power.

The same is true in other post-Soviet states. Estonia and Lithuania do not protest because their governments are in line with the people's opinions. Latvia also feels fine. On the other hand, there are more authoritarian states where there are no protests for another reason: it's scary, and there's no point.

These are typical fragments of the USSR. The pieces of a Soviet meat grinder that ate itself and didn't realize it.

That's why I see the protests in Georgia the same way from all points of view. Does the state want to decide what it will be: a future Latvia, Turkmenistan, or just a dying fragment?

Of course, Russia is interfering with this decision. We all have a common sore: an incredibly fucked-up neighbor. Russia shows how you can live without rights, without a person, and through rebellion. The result is so-so. The empire still considers it its main duty to remind as many states as possible: don't rebel, and you will be happy. And maybe we'll give you gas.

Russia is mired in the fields of Donbas and southern Ukraine. Moscow is learning to catch our drones with its forehead and cry that these damn Ukrainians have gone completely mad. But will Russia stop meddling with others? No.

That's why Georgia is purely suffering for Moscow right now. If Russia had won the war in Ukraine, Ivanishvili would have already been calling for the Pskov landing force and Muradov's tank fists. Fortunately, the paratroopers are dying on our soil. Vuhledar showed how tanks burn.

Of course, the Russians still have their intelligence services. They know how to sway states, play on contradictions, and use both their agents and useful idiots. But there is one caveat.

The intelligence services do not have the same influence as before. Too many resources are going to Ukraine. The reputation was based on the "second army of the world". As soon as the soldiers get angry, they will come and knock your brain out. Well, the Russians also wasted too much time. There is a rule: whoever is everywhere is nowhere. So they tried to be everywhere but found only problems for themselves.

Can Russia retreat? No, it can't. And this is our advantage.

We are holding the empire by the gills, even though we are suffering losses. And we do not let the enemy go. Therefore, any attempt to twitch to the side is great, and the noose will tighten even more.

Ukraine knows the nature of the enemy. We saw how Russia threw all its power against us when we tore down the pro-Kremlin dumbass and wanted to live normally. We realized our right to protest. Russia responded with tanks, occupation, and annexation of part of Ukraine. And all this in a flash. So that the Russians could see: whoever protests were bombed.

The empire cannot ignore such events. It has to show its slaves that they became slaves for a reason, and the best example is armed aggression.

The empire cannot forget, but it has nothing to hit Georgia with. All the power is concentrated here. And Ukraine, as I said, is holding this toothy beast by the neck and gradually squeezing it. And now we can honestly say that the protests in Georgia are beneficial to us.

Let me explain the cynicism of the situation. When the aggressor attacked us, the whole world was silent. They just looked the other way, yawned, and spoiled the air. Not everyone reacted seriously. That's why the Russian army will destroy an entire region and steal a normal life from an entire generation. Too many people didn't care. When everyone turns on, Popasna won't care anymore. The city will be destroyed. And we have whole regions like Popasna right now.

Remember how much we believed in the West's support around 2014. I didn't believe it... I hoped.

You know, it's like the appearance of elves in Helm's Deep. You are no longer waiting for help, but suddenly you see it and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it. And then you break the enemy's spine. I want to break the enemy's back, but I don't want to do it alone, it's human nature.

But no one came in 2014. Ukraine had to spend incredible efforts on an army built from scratch. We revitalized our diplomacy. I remember how the president took a fragment of a shelled minibus to international summits. Almost all possible bans were violated against us, and we also found ourselves in the role of our lawyer. Ukraine was cut in the side, forced to stitch up the wound, and demanded punishment for the culprit in court.

And one thought kept coming to mind. At least someone, at least...

But no one was in a hurry. I had to do everything myself. Later, the Russians shot down flight MH17, and at least other countries noticed our trouble. But I haven't forgotten that our starting position was so-so.
Now we are like elves for Georgia. Those who came when it was hard to believe.

As I said, Russia is mired in our black soil and is looking for a way to freeze the conflict. Russia is weakened. But the Kremlin cannot pretend that there are no protests in Georgia. Putin cannot turn away from Tbilisi and say that the pro-Russian government is not threatened there. A free person is living there who remembered their rights. This is like poison for Russia.

The empire responds to this with bombs. But it has no extra bombs. All the bombs are flying at our cities. And Ukrainian air defense is reducing the number of Russian planes.

The empire responds with tanks. However, the Javelin cocktail is popular among them.

The empire responds with aggression. Do you have any teeth? It has teeth, but they are stuck in our East.

The empire cannot remain silent. But it has nothing to say. Therefore, Russia will shake Georgians in other ways, trying to cause at least some damage.

I wish Georgia good luck and strength! We will hold these bastards as long as it takes.

Because we cannot do otherwise.

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